March 16, 2017

Memory Care has value added when CNAs are on staff

Maplewood is like a good bottle of aged, fine wine. Only time and quality ingredients can create the complexities needed to become a superior product. At […]
September 17, 2015

Maplewood Supports Nurses

After the faux pas, Joy Behar, from The View, made about “nursing” being the talent Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, showcased during the Miss America pageant, nurses […]
September 15, 2015

Remarkable Rehabilitation Experience at Maplewood Sauk Prairie

It was the 4th of July. Chores were to a point where they could be left for a while and picking up sweet corn for supper […]
August 10, 2015

Sit Up and Get a Lift

Improve your posture and you could improve your mood. Studies show sitting up with your spine straight and shoulders back can make you feel happier and […]
May 14, 2015

Maplewood Sauk Prairie is Home to a Person Whose Life-long Commitment is Helping Others

Life is ironic. A brilliant man, who dedicated his life to improving the health of humans, was claimed by Alzheimers in the prime of his career. […]
April 22, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day – Ideas from Maplewood Sauk Prairie

Celebrate Earth Day Since 1970, the world has celebrated April 22 as Earth Day, a time to bring environmental awareness and protection into the spotlight. Many […]
April 21, 2015

Maplewood Sauk Prairie Offers Tips to Prolong Ability to Live at Home.

Maplewood Sauk Prairie Offers Tips to Prolong A Senior’s Ability to Live at Home. There are a variety of things to incorporate into a person’s daily […]
March 3, 2015

Maplewood Recycles old iPods

In 2012, a video clip of a man named Henry who has severe dementia went viral. It was spectacular because he was reawakened after listening to […]
February 27, 2015

While Asleep, Maplewood, Prairie du Sac, Confirms your Brain is Busy

While you’re asleep, your brain is busy. Medical experts say even at rest, crucial cognitive functions are taking place, and neurons in the brain stay active. […]