December 15, 2021

Preventing Slips and Falls on Winter Ice

Every winter, there are unique sets of hazardous conditions that put everyone’s safety at risk. Some of the most common accidents that happen during this season […]
October 29, 2021

What is the Cardiovascular System?

The cardiovascular system is the network of organs, cells, and vessels that transports blood throughout your entire body. This system is one of the vital parts […]
February 6, 2021

3 Tips For Fall Prevention

In the senior population, a fall can not only be troublesome but it can be dangerous. Caregivers go through great lengths to work to prevent (or […]
October 29, 2020

Symptoms Caused By Pinched Nerves

Symptoms Caused By Pinched Nerves Your ability to move your body, feel the heat from a fireplace or the cold from an icecube, experience pain or […]
August 15, 2020

The Motions of the Shoulder Joint

The Motions of the Shoulder Joint The shoulder joint is comprised of three bones – the humerus, clavicle, and scapula. While the acromioclavicular joint (AC) is […]
March 16, 2017

Memory Care has value added when CNAs are on staff

Maplewood is like a good bottle of aged, fine wine. Only time and quality ingredients can create the complexities needed to become a superior product. At […]
October 10, 2016

Respite Care For Your Loved One is Available in Sauk Prairie

Taking care of a loved one who requires consistent care can be very difficult experience.  Of course, the role of caregiver is a very heart felt, […]
April 22, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day – Ideas from Maplewood Sauk Prairie

Celebrate Earth Day Since 1970, the world has celebrated April 22 as Earth Day, a time to bring environmental awareness and protection into the spotlight. Many […]
February 27, 2015

While Asleep, Maplewood, Prairie du Sac, Confirms your Brain is Busy

While you’re asleep, your brain is busy. Medical experts say even at rest, crucial cognitive functions are taking place, and neurons in the brain stay active. […]