Physical Therapy – Strides provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

When you are in need of physical therapy services, look no further than Strides located in Sauk City Wisconsin.  The physical therapy and rehabilitation team at Strides provides unmatched care for any of your physical, occupational or speech therapy needs.

Whether you are seeking treatment for a recently sprained ankle or require a comprehensive post-surgical rehabilitation program we’re are there for you.

Strides Maplewood

Our newly built therapy center provides tremendous advantages for those who need to have either inpatient or outpatient therapy performed.  We took the time to design and build a beautiful center that allow us to provide outstanding services in an atmosphere that was both functional and relaxing.  We want all of our therapy patients to feel like they are ‘at home’ when receiving their therapy services.  We believe that we have truly designed a unique center that you will absolutely love.

In addition to the new space and design, we also have a wide array of equipment that allow us to serve the needs of many.

Types of Therapy

At Strides Maplewood, we offer therapy for a wide variety of conditions that you may encounter.

Physical Therapy

At Strides, we offer physical therapy for those who are struggling with pain or functional challenges in their daily lives. Our therapists work with many types of acute and chronic conditions to get you back on the road to recovery. We use the most current and effective physical therapy treatments to reduce your pain, improve your strength and stamina, and improve your flexibility.

Examples of physical therapy treatment that we offer include:

strength and flexibility

stamina and endurance

pain relief and pain management

balance therapy

injury care

post-surgical rehabilitation

stroke rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

We offer occupational therapy at Strides. This type of therapy is for those who need to recover and return to activities that they would normally perform in their daily lives. From a daily schedule of standing at work to planting in your garden, the goal of occupational therapy is to find the best plan of treatment that enables you to return to the normal activities of your day.

We offer a very unique occupational therapy program at Strides. Our new center was designed for therapy that can be performed in natual environments. This means that your occupational therapy can be perfomed in a setting that is very similar to your normal life. We offer both indoor and outdoor therapy areas, enabling those who have special therapy needs to recieve them with the proper environment in mind.

Some examples of our occupational therapy settings include:

Oudoor walking areas including inclines, stairs, grass, gravel and cement

Indoor areas for standing, sitting and walking

Specialized areas such as kitchen and bathroom environments

Areas to improve range of motion, strength and stamina

Speech Therapy

Another therapy service that we offer at Strides is speech therapy. Those who are struggling with their speech, such as after an injury or stroke, may require proper evaluation and ongoing therapy to improve their languange and quality of their speech.

Strides offers speech therapy to improve the lives of those who have speech impairments, allowing them to improve their communication skills.

Some examples of those who may require speech therapy include:

those who have suffered injuries such as after a stoke or traumatic brain injury (TBI)

those who have voice disorders

those who have speech disorders

those who have language disorders

Scheduling an Appointment

Strides offers easy scheduling options for your appointment with a therapist.

To make an appointment for physical, occupational or speech therapy, simply speak with your doctor who can refer you for therapy services at Strides Maplewood. Once your doctor refers you to Strides, you can call us at 608-643-3383 and schedule a convenient time for your initial appointment and any follow up appointments that may be needed.

Following your referral, we’ll maintain active communication with your doctor so that they are fully aware of your progress. It is important to us that we maintain an open line of communication with your healthcare provider as we are all part of your team.